Warranty and maintenance policy

Đăng ngày 2022-05-20 11:32:35

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All products and equipment provided by us are guaranteed genuine.

  • For small appliances and machines (blender or coffee machine), customers who encounter technical errors will support by phone to handle the problem first. In case it cannot be handled by phone, please send it to our center, we will handle the problem as quickly as possible.
  • For large equipment, we will send technicians to the place (only applicable in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City).


The warranty is only applicable when the original invoice or electronic invoice or sales invoice (identifying the date of purchase, product type and name of the authorized dealer) is supplied with the defective product. Products will not be warranted for free if the above documents are missing or the attached information is incomplete or illegible. The warranty will not apply to products modified or retrofitted for use in any country other than the country in which the product was designed, manufactured, certified and/or authorization or damage results from such alteration.

Cases not covered by the warranty:

  • Periodic maintenance (cleaning the machine and filtering the residue) from the 2nd year onwards, repairing or replacing components due to wear and tear over time
  • Routine maintenance is incurred in the first year of using the machine.
  • Any additional assembly or modification for upgrading other than those described in the user manual
  • Shipping charges, door to door service charges and all shipping risks are directly or indirectly related to the product warranty.

In case the warranty is not covered:

  • Warranty stamp is torn;
  • Misuse of instructions for use, maintenance and warnings when using;
  • Error due to improper use of filter according to the machine's instruction manual;
  • Use filters or cleaning tablets that are not a product of the supplier
  • External influences (stones, wood, paper clips ...) mixed with coffee beans or inappropriate use of coffee beans lead to clogging of the mill.
  • The installation and use of the product is not in accordance with the technical safety standards in the country of use of the product
  • Accident, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation or any other cause not under the supplier or manufacturer's control.