Policies and general regulations

Đăng ngày 2022-05-20 10:49:06

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Welcome customers to Tan Long Trading and Technical Service Co., Ltd, a member of Charles Wembley Group.

When customers sign in our website, it means that you agreed with our terms. This website has right to change, edit, add or remove any parts in Policies and conditions of using, at any time. All changes are effective immediately upon posting on the website without prior notices. And when customers continue to use our website, after posting changes in Terms & Conditions, means that customers agree with these changes. Customers please keep update our changes regularly.

  1. Instructions of using our website

When signing in our website, users must be at least from 18 years old or sign in beyond the supervision of their parents or legal guardian. We license your using so that you can purchase on our website within Terms and Conditions of using set out before that.

       2. Customer’s comments

All website’s content and customer’s comments are our assets. If we detect any fake information, we will block your account immediately or apply other purnishments according to Vietnam laws.

       3. Orders and order confirmations

When you place an order at charleswembley.com, we will receive your order request and send you the order number. However, the order requests need to go through an order confirmation step, giaiphaphoreca.vn only confirms the order if your order request fulfill our criteria at giaiphaphoreca.vn.

In order to confirm your request quickly, please provide the correct information related to delivering, or terms and conditions of promotion programs(if have) that you join.